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We provide rapid and efficient service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians are available anytime to provide top-quality and efficient service.  

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Are you looking for a Lights and Wiring Service in Singapore? Our Professional Lights and wiring Services offer all types of services and wiring, and we’ll be in close contact with you to accomplish the normal.

Lighting is crucial to making a house an actual home. Suitable light allows homeowners to whole tasks professionally, feel harmless, and generate an aesthetically pleasing haven after a lengthy day at work. But, it is dependent on the size of the room There are particular lighting requirements. It is crucial to have an experienced electrician in Singapore to help you with this so that to get it done right the first time, ensure it’s done correctly. The cost of faulty installations could amount to a greater amount than the cost of installation you saved performing the work yourself.

Handyman Super Services is amongst the recognized Lights and Wiring Service companies in Singapore that can meet every need. Our staff of certified technicians work quickly and efficiently and are ready to assist clients at any time whether it’s all day or at night, in central points or in peripheral areas. electrical wiring services near me, emergency lighting wiring, light switch wiring, home wiring electrician, 2 way switch wiring, wiring, electrical wiring, installation of light fixtures, electrical wiring service Singapore.

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What is the reason People Love Us?

Professionalism and excellence are our two main priorities at Handyman super service  For this reason, we provide unmatched service through our customer guarantees. We provide free service if we are running late to honor our commitment to punctuality. Our “We’re On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair Is Free!”TM guarantee stands on that. Customers can receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee and two years of assistance with resolutions on all services and upgrades with our U-Win seal and guarantee.

Our emergency electricians will be happy to assess your electrical condition and provide recommendations for services that fit your needs and budget when called upon. We never waver from our projections. You can be confident that there won’t be any unexpected or hidden fees because of this.

Get in touch with our staff right now for superior electrical services at reasonable, fair costs.

Offering Wiring Services:
Installing electrical cabling and related equipment, such as circuit boards, switches, sockets, outlets, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures, is the responsibility of electrical wiring.

At Handyman super service, we are prepared to assist homes in replacing outdated systems, adjusting to increased power demands, and/or making sure their current wiring complies with local codes. Any home can be rewired safely and effectively by our certified electricians.

Complete Home Rewiring: Although rewiring a whole house is a big and difficult project, there are a lot of long-term benefits. It will assist in preventing electrical fires in your house and surges in your appliances.


  1. 24-hour speedy Service available: Having an emergency lighting or wiring issue? Our Service’s team of reliable electricians can assist you no matter what time of day or night it is. Our goal is to provide you within a short time when you schedule the Service.
  2. Highly skilled staff member to resolve any lighting issue: From advanced lighting and wiring problems to simple maintenance issues, Handyman Super Services Lights and skilled wiring was driven service technicians will take care of all types of lighting problems and will stay until the issue is solved.
  3. Thirty days artistry warranty: With any installation or repair, Handyman Super Services lighting and wiring services in Singapore provide a 30-day warranty if something goes wrong. It will put your mind at ease.
  4. Cost-effective and no hidden charges: With no additional fees or administrative costs, Handyman Super Services only expects you to pay for the price they quote to you.
  5. A wide variety of services: Our company provides various kinds of lights and wiring services and industrial electrical installations and upgrades.
  6. Service for home and business: Whether you need wiring and lighting services for the office of a huge business or in a tiny space, Handyman Super Services have you covered.