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Best handyman services Singapore I Plumbing and Electrical

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In the bustling city-state of Singapore, finding reliable and best handyman services is akin to discovering a hidden treasure. This guide unveils the crème de la crème, exploring the qualities that make Handyman Super Services the epitome of excellence in the realm of home maintenance.

Licensing and Expertise: Does Your Handyman Need a Licence in Singapore?

    • In Singapore, there isn’t a specific license for handymen. However, Handyman Super Services goes above and beyond by ensuring its professionals possess relevant certifications and expertise. This ensures that your home is in the hands of skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen.
  1. Exploring Lucrative Opportunities: The Best Paying Handyman Jobs
    • The handyman industry offers a diverse range of job opportunities. This section explores lucrative roles, including home remodeling, specialized repairs, and emergency services. Handyman Super Services stands out by providing competitive compensation for its skilled professionals.
  1. Unveiling General Handyman Services: A Jack of All Trades
    • General handymen are versatile professionals skilled in various home maintenance tasks. Handyman Super Services takes pride in its team of general handymen, offering a wide array of services, from plumbing and electrical work to carpentry and repairs.
  1. Navigating Beyond Borders: How to Find a Handyman in Hong Kong
    • For readers in Hong Kong seeking reliable handyman services, this section provides a comprehensive guide. It covers local directories, online platforms, word of mouth, social media, and hardware stores.
  1. Dive into Excellence: Handyman Super Services in Singapore
  • Readers are encouraged to explore the dedicated page showcasing Handyman Super Services’ excellence in Singapore. This page details the range of services offered, customer testimonials, and the commitment to quality.

Handyman Services list singapore

It typically offers a wide range of general maintenance, repair, and installation tasks for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Here is a list of common handyman services you can find in Singapore:

Electrical Services:

  • Installation and replacement of light fixtures, ceiling fans, switches, and outlets.
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Installation of electrical appliances.

Plumbing Services:

  • Repairing leaks and drips.
  • Fixing clogged drains and toilets.
  • Installation and replacement of faucets, sinks, and toilets.

Carpentry Services:

  • Customized furniture assembly.
  • Repairing and installing shelves, cabinets, and wardrobes.
  • Door and window repairs.

Painting and Wall Repairs:

  • Interior and exterior painting.
  • Patching and repairing walls and ceilings.
  • Wallpaper installation and removal.

General Repairs and Maintenance:

  • Fixing broken furniture.
  • Repairing or replacing locks and handles.
  • Adjusting or replacing hinges and door closers.
  • Grouting and tile repairs.

Furniture Assembly and Disassembly:

  • Assembly of flat-pack furniture (e.g., IKEA).
  • Disassembly of furniture for relocation.

Air Conditioning Services:

  • Installation and maintenance of air conditioning units.
  • Troubleshooting and repair of AC systems.

Mounting and Installation:

  • TV mounting and installation.
  • Curtain and blind installation.
  • Picture and mirror hanging.

Handyman Services for Commercial Spaces:

  • Office furniture assembly and repairs.
  • Shelving and storage system installation.
  • General maintenance and repairs.

Please note that the availability of specific services may vary among different handyman service providers. It’s advisable to contact a local handyman service and inquire about their offerings to ensure they can meet your specific needs.


Handyman services singapore price list

It’s important to note that handyman service prices can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the job, the location, the reputation of the service provider, and the materials required. Additionally, prices might have changed time to time, so it’s best to verify the current rates with local handyman service providers.

Here’s a sample list of common handyman services and their approximate prices in Singapore:

  • Minor Plumbing Repairs:
    Fixing a leaky faucet: SGD 50 – SGD 100
    Replacing a showerhead: SGD 50 – SGD 100
    Unclogging a sink or drain: SGD 80 – SGD 150
  • Electrical Repairs:
    Changing a light fixture: SGD 50 – SGD 100
    Installing a ceiling fan: SGD 80 – SGD 150
    Troubleshooting electrical issues: SGD 80 – SGD 150 (per hour)
  • Furniture Assembly:
    Assembling IKEA furniture: SGD 30 – SGD 100 (per item)
  • Painting and Wallpapering:
    Painting a room: SGD 150 – SGD 300 (depends on room size and complexity)
    Applying wallpaper: SGD 100 – SGD 200 (per wall)
  • General Repairs and Maintenance:
    Repairing a door lock: SGD 50 – SGD 100
    Fixing a broken cabinet door: SGD 50 – SGD 100
  • Carpentry Work:
    Building custom shelves: SGD 150 – SGD 300 (depends on size and materials)
    Installing kitchen cabinets: SGD 200 – SGD 500 (per cabinet)
  • TV Mounting:
    Mounting a TV on the wall: SGD 80 – SGD 150 (depends on TV size and complexity)
  • Curtain and Blinds Installation:
    Installing curtain rods: SGD 50 – SGD 100 (per set)
    Installing roller blinds: SGD 80 – SGD 150 (per set)
    These prices are just rough estimates and may vary.

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How to find a handyman in Singapore?

Finding a reliable handyman in Singapore can be quite a challenge, especially if you are new to the country or simply don’t know where to look. Thankfully, there are several options available for those looking for handyman super services. One of the easiest ways to find a handyman is to ask your friends or colleagues for recommendations. Chances are, they have used one before and can provide valuable feedback.

Handyman services singapore price

Handyman services in Singapore can cover a wide range of tasks, from minor repairs and installations to more complex home improvement projects. The price for these services can vary depending on several factors:

  • Task Complexity
  • Time and Labor
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Travel and Transportation:
  • Reputation and Experience
  • Emergency Services
  • Company Overhead

Always ensure that the handyman service you choose is licensed, insured, and has a good reputation to ensure a satisfactory and reliable job. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, I recommend checking local directories, and websites of handyman services in Singapore, & hire a professional like Handyman Super Services.

Door Repair Service Singapore

  • Adjusting Door Alignment
  • Fixing Squeaky Hinges
  • Repairing or Replacing Door Handles and Knobs
  • Patching Holes or Cracks
  • Replacing Door Weatherstripping
  • Fixing a Sticking Door
  • Repairing Damaged Door Frames
  • Replacing Broken Glass in Doors
  • Fixing Door Closures and Hinges
  • Repairing Damaged Door Jambs
  • Cabinet door repair
  • Door frame repair
  • Door hinge replacement
  • Door and gate lock replacement
  • Door latch replacement
  • Door roller replacement
  • Folding door repair
  • Glass door repair
  • Pocket door repair
  • Sliding door repair
  • Toilet door repair
  • Wardrobe door repair
  • Wooden door repair

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Town Council Handyman Services in Singapore

In Singapore, town councils play a crucial role in managing public housing estates and ensuring their upkeep and maintenance. As part of their responsibilities, town councils offer handyman services to address various repair and maintenance needs within the residential areas they oversee. These services are essential in maintaining the quality of living and ensuring the safety and well-being of residents.

Town council handyman services in Singapore typically cover a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Plumbing Repairs: Town council handymen are skilled in handling common plumbing issues such as leaky faucets, blocked drains, and toilet repairs. They promptly respond to reports from residents and work efficiently to resolve problems.
  • Electrical Repairs: Handymen are trained to address minor electrical faults like changing light bulbs, fixing faulty switches, and resolving power outage issues in common areas.
  • Carpentry Work: From repairing damaged cabinets and wardrobes to fixing broken furniture in communal spaces, handymen are equipped to handle various carpentry tasks.
  • Painting and Touch-Ups: To maintain the aesthetics of public spaces, handymen are responsible for painting touch-ups, especially in high-traffic areas that may experience wear and tear over time.
  • Gardening and Landscaping: Some town councils may also have handymen or gardeners to maintain the landscaping and green spaces within the residential estates, ensuring a pleasant environment for residents.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Common Areas: Handymen may be tasked with the regular cleaning and maintenance of communal areas such as corridors, staircases, and lifts.
  • Pest Control: In cooperation with pest control specialists, handymen address pest-related issues within the public housing estates.
  • Minor Repairs and Maintenance: Handymen handle a variety of small-scale repairs, such as fixing loose doorknobs, adjusting cabinet hinges, and repairing minor damages to walls and floors.
  • Safety Inspections and Maintenance: Periodic safety inspections are conducted by handymen to ensure the safety of residents, such as checking fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and emergency exits.

It’s important to note that while town council handymen can handle numerous tasks, there are limitations to the scope of their services. For complex or major repairs that fall outside their expertise, town councils typically engage external contractors to address the issues efficiently and professionally. Residents can usually report repair and maintenance issues to their town council through dedicated helplines or online portals. The town council then dispatches their handymen or assigns the task to the appropriate external contractor based on the nature of the problem.

Affordable Handyman Services in Singapore

When it comes to maintaining and repairing our homes or workplaces, finding a reliable and cost-effective handyman service is essential. Singapore, known for its bustling cityscape and high living costs, can make it challenging to find affordable handyman services. However, fret not, as several reputable companies and skilled individuals are offering cheap handyman services across the island.

What to Expect from Cheap Handyman Services in Singapore:

Basic Repairs and Maintenance: Cheap handyman services typically cover a wide range of basic repairs and maintenance tasks. These may include fixing leaky faucets, repairing faulty electrical outlets, replacing light bulbs, patching up minor wall damages, and handling general plumbing issues.

  • Furniture Assembly
  • Painting and Touch-ups
  • Carpentry and Shelving
  • Installation Services
  • Odd Jobs


Tips for Hiring Cheap Handyman Services in Singapore:

  • Research and Compare
  • Check for Reviews and Recommendations
  • Ask for Quotes
  • Verify Credentials
  • Communicate Clearly
  • Schedule Flexibility

In conclusion, while Singapore’s high living costs can pose a challenge, there are cheap handyman services available that can help you with various home repairs and maintenance tasks without breaking the bank. By doing some research and being clear about your requirements, you can find a reliable and affordable handyman service to keep your home in good shape.

Small handyman services singapore

Small handyman services in Singapore are an essential part of the local service industry, catering to the needs of residents and businesses alike. These services typically encompass a wide range of tasks and repairs that may be too small or specialized for larger contracting companies to handle. From fixing leaky faucets and assembling furniture to installing shelves and painting walls, Small Handyman services provide convenient and reliable solutions for various household and commercial maintenance needs.

Some common services offered by these handymen include:

Home Repairs
Furniture Assembly
Painting and Touch-Ups
Electrical Work
Plumbing Services
General Maintenance

Small handyman services in Singapore often prioritize customer satisfaction and reliable workmanship. They understand that their clients need prompt and efficient service, so they aim to complete tasks in a timely manner while ensuring the quality of their work.

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